Promoting music journalism with Seneca College

For the past few years, we've had the honour of working with the Seneca College Journalism Program, providing an outlet for real-life experience for their students. At Festival time, that means the creation of ENGs (Electronic News Gathering) on-site, with clips of performances, artist interviews and audience reaction; during the year, student groups focus on one particular artist to get the "story behind the music." We're pleased to feature some of their work here.

Andrew Kitchen profiles Chase Sanborn

Anastasiya Ivanov, Ashley Mckenzie and Tess Ha profile Michael Herring and Rebecca Hennessy
(See more of their work with Michael and Rebecca at

Jay Ann Ramirez profiles Christian Overton

Kellie Asante profiles Natasha Powell

Shea-Lynn Noyes profiles Amanda Tosoff

Shivani Persad profiles Dan Austin

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